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Environmental Audit

DCPL is a recognized environmental auditor for industries following under Scheduled ll.

Gujarat Pollution Control Board has recognised Detox Corporation Pvt. Ltd. as an approved & recognised Environmental Auditor.

The environmental audit team consist of :

  • Environment Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Microbiologist
  • Chemist


DCPL has been constantly employed for Environmental Auditing by industries and minimum no. of audits carried out by DCPL per year is upto 45 (in Nos.)


With the help of Environment audit preparation and submission by DCPL to the industries, the client has adopted to his production technology for environment preservation and waste reduction at source.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Detox team has unparalleled expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies and are at the forefront of providing effective solutions, Interpretations, Advices and getting Environmental Clearance for more than 60 companies for various sectors such as oil and gas, mining, land development, transport, infrastructure, power sectors etc.since 2002.

Our goal is to assist our clients to get their projects planned and executed while keeping in mind the minimal impacts on environment, local population, social and cultural resources. DCPL is one of the few consultants with NRBPT scheme since May 2009. It now works as a leading Accredited Consultant under National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) scheme of Quality Control of India (QCI). We provide an expertise to areas such as air quality modeling and meteorology, noise and vibration, socio-economics, land use planning, human health risk, ecological risk, water resources and the natural environment as part of our EIA study as well as work on providing inputs and impact assessments on individual environmental attributes as per clients need.

We apply state of the art assessment tools through noise and air dispersion modeling, visualization techniques; risk assessment models, GIS and advanced techniques for social economical development plan.


  • Mining of Minerals including opencast / underground Mining
  • Offshore & Onshore Oil & Gas Exploration, Development & Production
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Metallurgical Industries (Ferrous & Non Ferrous) both Primary & Secondary
  • Textile Cotton & Man-made Fibers
  • Industrial Estate/Parks/Complexes/Area, Export Processing Zones (EPZs), Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Biotech Parks, Leather Complexes
  • Common Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage & Disposable Facilities (TSDFs)
  • Ports, Harbours, Jetties, Marine Terminals, Breakwater & Dredging
  • Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs)
  • Building & Large Construction Projects including Shopping Mall, Multiplexes, Commercial Complexes, Housing Estates, Hospitals, Institutions
  • Township & Area Development Projects

Techno-Legal Services

Our Technical & Legal Services and Assistance in procuring Consent to Establish includes the following
  • EIA Reports for Environmental Clearance and CRZ Clearance.(Existing Associates , Software Get from DETOX )
  • R&D Center
  •  Life cycle Assessment & Documentation
  •  Due Diligence Reports
  •  Treatability Reports
  •  Pre feasibility and feasibility Reports
  •  Risk Assessment and Disaster Management Plan Reports
  •  Base Line Study Report
  •  Designing of Environment Management System
  •  Preparation of Detail Project Report
  •  Preparation of Tenders
All Our Services and Assistance are in line with the Statutory Requirements
  •  EPA Act 1986
  •  Water Act
  •  Hazardous Waste Management & Handling Rules
  •  EIA Notification Dated 14-Sep-2006.
  •  Air Act
  Field of Expertise
  •  Common Effluent Treatment Plant. CSTP
  •  Integrated Common Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage and Disposal Facility
  •  Common Municipal Solid Waste Management
  •  Common Bio Medical Waste Management
  •  Sewage Networks
 Extending Legal Assistance to industries w.r.t. notifications and guidelines issued by
  •  Ministry of Environment & Forests (MOEF)
  •  Department of Environment & Forests (DOEF)
  •  Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)
  •  State Pollution Control Boards (SPCB)
  Provide Assistance in Coordination with Land & Revenue Dept. for
  •  Rights of Use (ROU)
  •  Procurement/Transfer of Government, Forest, Private Land
  •  Execution of sales deeds, lease agreements etc
 Assist in procuring permissions from
  •  State and National Highway Authorities
  •  Road and Building Department for laying pipelines
  We Perform Site Studies and Documentation for.
  •  Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)
  •  Environment Clearance (EC)
  •  Treat ability and Feasibility Report
  •  Detailed Project Report (DPR)
  •  Risk Assessment Study
  •  Environment Management Plan (EMS)
  •  Disaster Management Plan (DMP) etc
We Assist In implementation of Cleaner Development Mechanism (CDM) Under Kyoto Protocol.
  •  Consultancy for availing Carbon Credits
  •  Conduct project due diligence
  •  Build the project to accrue CER through effluent management practices partially technology provider
  •  Operation and maintenance of the project to qualify for carbon credits year - on - year

Environmental Clearance EIA Reports

Environmental Clearance EIA Reports includes:

  • Environmental AUDITING
  • Environmental Clearance
  • Environmental Impact assesment
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